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Healthy Eating Corner Cooking Tips Add Fresh Herbs to your favourite recipes.  There are so many and they not only add delicious flavour but each herb has different properties that enhance health and vitality. Grow your own.  You don’t need much room to grow a small herb garden – you can even do it in your kitchen as long as you get enough sun.  Then you can just pick what … Read More →

Eco Friendly – Earth Friendly Tips


With rising energy costs and awareness of the carbon footprint, it makes sense to put as many energy efficient measures as you can into practice. Here are just a few ways you can save on your energy bills and be friendly to your planet at the same time. And, with a little effort and thought, you will be keeping the health of you and your family in mind as well. … Read More →

Four Theives Vinegar – And Oil

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I was talking to a friend the other day about the four thieves oil she loves to use and was reminded of this email that I received a couple of years ago and had put aside in my “to do” pile – which is a very big pile!       I figure I will be needing to live a very long time to get through this pile of mine. I thought I’d … Read More →

Salt Lamps – How To Care For Them

I recently bought a Himalayan Salt Lamp.  I’ve wanted one for ages, but there is always something else to spend ones money on.  So when I received some money for my birthday this year, I decided it was time.  The funny thing was that they aren’t nearly as expensive as I thought they were (must get some and add them to my fabulous products available to you), so, had I … Read More →

Dr Emoto – the Message From Water – The Emoto Peace Project


  In October 2012 , I was fortunate enough to attend the World Congress Of Quantum Medicine in Hawaii.  This is an annual congress hosted by the International Quantum University Of Integrative Medicine.  I’m a student of the University – currently completing  a Bachelor of holistic Health Sciences – then moving on to the Masters Program and the Doctorate and PhD program. Dr Masaru Emoto was the feature guest speaker … Read More →

Home Made Lip Balm

Home Made  Lip Balm

There are many recipes for home-made preparations for the skin – including lip balms and salves.  Its fun to make your own and many people prefer it so they can avoid all those chemical additives  (if you can’t say it you probably don’t want to put it in or on your body). A balm should be made with natural, bio-compatible ingredients which are going to soothe and protect the delicate … Read More →

Diva – Menstrual Cup for Healthy Feminine Hygiene

DivaCup on Bag

Wow  We  were intending to get these for years – both to Save Money and because once you get the hang of them they’re Cleaner and Eco Friendly!  No more filling bins up with waste products! Put one in your Survival Kit too. They come in two sizes – Model 1 – is recommended for women under 30 who have never delivered a baby (vaginally or by c section). Model 2 … Read More →

Stem Cell Nutrition For The Skin – Brilliant!

If I had a product that I thought was the BEST I have ever found for your skin – would you want me to tell you about it? I Love this – amazing stem cell nutrition for the skin. It has Nothing Artificial In It!!! Here’s what the company that produces it has to say about it. Our breakthrough serum revitalizes the skin at the cellular level, to restore and … Read More →

Stem Cell Nutrition – Help Your Body To Repair Itself


  Well, you can find information on Stem Cells everywhere these days.  Just google it – there are screeds and screeds of articles and info to read – about the different treatments, the different forms and so on.  It’s an exciting and promising new field – with a controversial side to it as well, particularly when it comes to foetal stem cells. Did you know that you can take an … Read More →

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