With rising energy costs and awareness of the carbon footprint, it makes sense to put as many energy efficient measures as you can into practice.

Here are just a few ways you can save on your energy bills and be friendly to your planet at the same time. And, with a little effort and thought, you will be keeping the health of you and your family in mind as well.


Our first tip is so simple that it seems more than obvious, but it’s surprising how many people don’t actually do it!

 If you’re cold – put another layer or two of clothing on before you decide to turn on the heating.  It’s amazing how much you can save in energy and money by making this your first habit.

Turn down your Thermostat by 1 degree. You could save $100 in a year doing this (usage rates and charges vary).  Plus you will be reducing your carbon footprint by around 300kg.

Insulate  your home.  – this is one way you can really cut down on energy costs.  Insulation can now be done with natural fibers. This is better for your health, uses less energy to produce and creates less rubbish.  Some of the natural and non-toxic materials available are; Hemp, Wool and even Recycled Paper.

Insulate your ceiling/loft, your wall cavities (internal and external walls) and floor.  Add to this idea’s such as filling up the gaps between the skirting boards and the floor boards. We once bought a house to renovate which had such big gaps between the floor and skirting boards that the mice just popped on in when it was cold.  Not to mention the breeze and damp.  Insulate your water pipes and your hot water tank.  This will keep your hot water hotter and use less power.  Double Glazed windows are ideal and draft proofing your windows and doors with draft seals or adhesive weather strips can save you as much as 100kg in carbon footprint (per year) and dollars as well.  Thermal backed curtains will add to your savings and cosy atmosphere.  Do be careful with curtains that they don’t cover or touch heating systems. Obviously this is a fire risk, but also can interfere with thermostat  operation.

Don’t forget to close your windows (in winter of course).  According to Energy Australia – you can waste enough energy with an open window in the cold, to drive a small car up to 50km.


Don’t forget about the huge number of appliance we use on our homes.  The amount of energy we draw with these is huge. For example, it has been estimated that if each household (in Australia) left a mobile charger on (on standby), the amount of energy wasted could provide power to 66,000 homes (energy australia).  This is a real eye opener.  So – Turn Off Your Lights And Switches – when you aren’t actually using them.  Don’t leave the TV switched on at the wall – or anything else!!!

Overall we recommend purchasing quality products – although this doesn’t always relate to price, cheaply made products usually don’t last as well and that means waste.

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