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Add Fresh Herbs to your favourite recipes.  There are so many and they not only add delicious flavour but each herb has different properties that enhance health and vitality.

Grow your own.  You don’t need much room to grow a small herb garden – you can even do it in your kitchen as long as you get enough sun.  Then you can just pick what you want while you are cooking.  Growing your own means you get to control what you feed them and you can be sure there are no chemical sprays – which you don’t want  in your body – used.

Today’s Pick

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is part of the Mint family – and has a mild lemon scent. It partners well with Tarragon as a great seasoning. it goes really well with fish or lamb.  We like it with pretty much anything. It adds a nice lemony flavour.

Add Lemon Balm to your salads or steamed vegetables for a slight tang.   Try a sprinkling of finely chopped Lemon Balm (freshly picked of course) to a fruit salad – it makes it come alive.

Add this yummy herb to your next vinaigrette, with a touch of salt and fresh cracked pepper.

Or make an infused oil with Lemon Balm and olive oil – leave it to sit in a cool dark place to mature.

Growing Tips

Plant in either a full sun position or part sun part shade.  Make sure you water it well when you plant it and then keep it moist .  Feed it every 4 to 6 weeks with organic plant feed.  We always use Bach Flower Rescue Remedy – when we plant out as it helps the plants to settle in nicely.  Use when you initially plant and then the next day or two.


Delicious and versatile, Mint has many varieties.  today’s pick is Common Garden Mint.  Traditionally Mint is used with Lamb and goes well as a seasoning while cooking or as a mint sauce when serving.

Add a sprig to veggies when cooking, add to natural yoghurt and use as a dressing or sauce (as in Middle Eastern cooking) .  You can add Mint to many savory dishes AND it goes really well in sweet dishes as well.  Mint and Chocolate are delicious, Mint and Lemon are delicious – lending it to many desserts.

Common Mint is the large leaf variety.  It grows well in full sun as well as in part shade.  Many people grow Mint in pots as well as in the garden.

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Easy Mint Sauce

There are many variations of Mint Sauce Recipes.  we chose this one because it is quick and easy.

125 mls or 1/2 Cup Vinegar

1/4 to 1/2 Cup Soft Brown Sugar

60 mls or 1/4 Cup Water

Approx 1 Cup Chopped Mint

Place the chopped Mint and the Sugar Into a Bowl (heat resistant).

Pour Boiling Water over and stir to dissolve the sugar.

Add the Vinegar and give the mixture a stir.

Allow to sit and steep so the flavors come out and blend.

Adjust to your requirements – some people like a thick blended type of sauce (which is great to coat lamb with while cooking.  Some people like a more watery consistency.

Variations on this recipe – castor sugar can replace the brown sugar, white wine vinegar can be used instead of brown vinegar.  Another replacement for vinegar is either lemon or lime juice.  Try Spearmint instead of Common Mint.




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