There are many recipes for home-made preparations for the skin – including lip balms and salves.  Its fun to make your own and many people prefer it so they can avoid all those chemical additives  (if you can’t say it you probably don’t want to put it in or on your body).

A balm should be made with natural, bio-compatible ingredients which are going to soothe and protect the delicate skin on your lips.  Don’t use mineral oils or any petrochemical based products – (these aren’t what we refer to as natural) but instead use vegetable oils, fats and waxes – such as bees wax, which works really well and will set the balm.

If you want to make your lip balm smell great and have healing properties, you can add Essential Oils.  Be careful that you are using real Essential Oils, high quality with no additives (we will have a post about how to find good quality oils later).  Add up to 1 per cent of the essential oils and choose from the gentle ones – you’re safe if you stick to the following: 1 percent would be 20 drops of essential oil to every 100g of lip balm.









A good idea is to do a test patch of the oil you intend to use on your wrist or inner elbow to ensure you don’t have a reaction.  Blend 2 drops of oil with your choice of carrier oil (make sure it is cold pressed and natural vegetable) and apply to the area.  If you have no reaction – you are not likely to develop one when you apply your lip balm either.

There are other fabulous oils you can use to make your balm even better – infused oils are a natural, cold pressed oil which has been infused with a healing herb, flower etc.  Calendua is very popular, so is Hypericum and we love Hempseed oil and Chickweed Oil.

Basic Recipe. 

15gm Beeswax

5gm Cocoa Butter

5gm Honey

65ml Jojoba Oil

5ml Carrot Infused oil or Hypericum Infused Oil

2 drops Myrrh Essential Oil

1 drop Peppermint Essential Oil

1 drop Sandalwood Essential Oil

Melt the beeswax in a double boiler (bowl sitting in a saucepan of simmering water) .

Add the cocoa butter – followed by the other oils and honey.  Once it is all melted gently, remove it from the heat.

Mix to make sure everything is well blended together and that there is no separation, as sometimes you can have some of the ingredients sink to the bottom if it isn’t all blended nicely.   It’s a good idea to use either an electric beater or a hand beater for this.  Even a whisk – but beat it well.

Let the mixture cool down well.  When it’s cool – add the essential oils and gently stir them in.

Pour into small lip balm jars and allow to set.  You can purchase jars from many places.  Dollar stores are often good places to shop for jars of various sizes.


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