I recently bought a Himalayan Salt Lamp.  I’ve wanted one for ages, but there is always something else to spend ones money on.  So when I received some money for my birthday this year, I decided it was time.  The funny thing was that they aren’t nearly as expensive as I thought they were (must get some and add them to my fabulous products available to you), so, had I realized that, I would have been the proud owner of one much sooner.

Anyway – I went shopping with some of my girls, chose the one that looked and felt right and was in my “happy” price range and proudly brought it home.

I plugged it in, (it’s one of the ones with the electric light bulb in it) and away we went.  It’s  a beautiful shade of watermelony  pink with the characteristic white salty crystallization and I love it for the look and feel as well as the benefits attributed to salt lamps.

What Are The Benefits Of A Salt Lamp?

Himalayan salt lamp


Carved from large Sal Crystals, the Salt Lamps are often a pinkish  to orange color and they have either an electric bulb or a candle inside them to light them  up and gently warm the salt.  The lamps give a beautiful glow. The crystals are popular  and known for releasing  negative ions into the air, assisting to counteract the build up of positive ions (in effect balancing and purifying the air you are breathing) and assisting to clear sinuses and allergies along with many other ailments.  Many therapists are using them in their treatment rooms to assist with relaxation and balancing energy.      

Himalayan salt contains over 84 minerals and trace elements and is said to be the most pollutant free salt in the world.. This salt is found at locations so high there’s no  traces of pollution in the air, Himalayan salt is nothing like the  sodium and chloride mix most commonly found on grocery shelves  and comes from deep mines located under the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain range. They hand-harvest the crystals  from mineral deposits on salt cave floors.

The Salt Lamps are made from the same salt used in cooking.  As I said above, unlike the salt you buy in supermarkets, Himalayan Salt contains minerals and trace elements.


Why Is My Salt Lamp Leaking?

A few weeks ago one of my girls turned 21 and we had visitors staying and visitors in and out and my Salt Lamp was moved temporarily to the top of the wood fire,( which obviously wasn’t being used). There it sat for about a month being ignored.  Then we noticed a weird looking hard grunge on the hearth, with crystallization in it.  We wiped it up easily enough – then found some more underneath where the lamp was sitting and salty water leaking from the lamp itself.  From the actual salt!  I wasn’t expecting that, so I went on a google search to see what others had to say to “Why Is My Himalayan Salt Lamp Leaking?”

Here’s what I found out:

Salt attracts water (of course!) – so it will attract water from the atmosphere. If there is a high level of humidity, as there was at my place, the lamp will be moist to wet to touch.  In the case of my lamp there was salty water which was  dripping off the salt.

Whats The Solution? – Well that’s easy,  just use it.  Having it on for a while each day will basically dry it out. Of course you really want it on each day anyway, to enjoy the benefits of negative ions purifying your air.

If there’s crystallization  just wipe the lamp with a damp cloth.  The same goes for cleaning it if it has collected dust.  wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it – then turn it on.


One thing I did find out when I bought my lamp is that you need to choose carefully.  Some lamps are made quite shoddily – and don’t look that safe.  You probably wouldn’t be wise to leave your lamp on unattended anyway as with other electrical appliances or with candles.  But do check out the construction so you can see how sturdy the base is and also how safe the electrical system looks.  they could be a fire hazard. Use your lamp regularly – you don’t want water in the wiring!!








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